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The Crucial Conversation: Why Consult Your Accountant Before Major Financial Decisions

In the chess game of financial prosperity, making a major move without consulting your strategist can be the difference between checkmate and stalemate. For high-net-worth families and owners of family enterprises, these moves often involve significant financial decisions that can impact not only your current wealth but also the financial future of generations to come. As a Chartered Professional Accountant, Master in Tax Law, MBA, and Trust Estate Practitioner, I am dedicated to ensuring that every financial decision you make is calculated, informed, and aligned with your ambitions. Here’s why engaging with your accountant is a step you can’t afford to skip.

Understanding the Full Picture

  1. Comprehensive Financial Analysis: Your accountant has a helicopter view of your financial landscape and can assess the impact of a major decision on all aspects of your wealth.
  2. Risk Assessment: We evaluate the potential risks associated with your decision, providing a safeguard against costly oversights.

Tax Implications and Efficiency

  1. Uncovering Hidden Tax Consequences: Financial decisions can have complex tax implications. Your accountant will help navigate these waters, avoiding potential pitfalls.
  2. Strategizing for Tax Efficiency: Whether it’s an investment, a large purchase, or a business expansion, we ensure your actions are tax-efficient and in line with current laws and regulations.

Investment and Business Strategy Alignment

  1. Aligning Decisions with Long-term Goals: Every financial decision should serve your long-term objectives. Your accountant ensures coherence with your broader financial strategy.
  2. Advisory on Investment Opportunities: With insights into market trends and financial projections, your accountant can advise on the viability and timing of potential investments.

Estate and Succession Planning

  1. Ensuring Continuity: Decisions today affect the legacy you leave. Your accountant plays a pivotal role in aligning major financial decisions with your estate and succession plans.
  2. Wealth Transfer Strategies: We provide strategies for effective wealth transfer, ensuring that your financial decisions enhance, rather than compromise, your legacy.

Regulatory Compliance and Due Diligence

  1. Navigating Regulatory Changes: An accountant stays abreast of regulatory changes that could affect your decision, ensuring compliance and avoiding legal complications.
  2. Conducting Thorough Due Diligence: We can spearhead the due diligence process, providing peace of mind that all bases are covered.


Your financial journey is unique, and each major decision is a landmark on its path. As your trusted advisor, I employ a blend of expertise, foresight, and personalized service to guide your decisions, ensuring they are sound, strategic, and synergistic with your ultimate ambitions. Before you make your next significant financial move, let’s have a conversation that could be the difference between a good decision and the right decision.

Don’t let a major financial decision become a major financial regret. Consult with me at Shajani CPA, where your ambitions are the compass that guides our expertise. Together, we can ensure that your financial decisions are always steps toward success.

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