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Deducting Employment Related Expenses Home Office, Vehicle, Travel and Other Deductions

In the realm of tax filing, understanding how to claim deductions for employment-related expenses is essential for maximizing your tax return. This guide has been meticulously updated for the 2023 tax filing year, focusing on the traditional and enduring methods for claiming such deductions without the temporary adjustments introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Form T2200: The Foundation for Claiming Deductions

For employees aiming to deduct employment-related expenses, the form T2200, completed and signed by their employer, is indispensable. This document is crucial for claiming a wide array of employment expenses, serving as a testament to the expenses incurred as part of employment duties that are not reimbursed by the employer.

Eligibility and Deductible Expenses

Home Office Expenses: Employees whose employment contracts necessitate the use of a home office can claim deductions for a portion of their home’s operational costs. Eligible expenses include gas, electricity, and property taxes, calculated based on the percentage of the home used for work. To qualify, the home office must be the principal place of work or used exclusively for earning employment income and regularly for meeting clients.

Travel Expenses: For employees required to travel for work purposes—outside the ordinary place of business or between different business locations—and not reimbursed by their employer, travel expenses can be claimed. This includes costs associated with transportation, accommodation, and meals.

Food Allowance: Employees away from their normal place of business for at least 12 consecutive hours can claim a food and beverage allowance, helping to offset the costs of meals during extended work-related activities.

Tools: Tradespersons and apprentice mechanics who must provide their own tools for work may be eligible for deductions. This is contingent upon the tools being a required condition of employment.

Marketing Expenses: Commission-based employees can claim deductions for marketing and advertising expenses, as well as meals for client entertainment. However, these expenses cannot exceed the total commissions earned by the employee.

Documentation and Record-Keeping

Maintaining thorough records and retaining all receipts related to employment expenses is critical. This documentation supports the deductions claimed and should align with the conditions outlined in the employment agreement and the T2200 form. Proper record-keeping not only facilitates a smoother tax filing process but also ensures that claims are defendable if reviewed by tax authorities.


Navigating the deductions for employment-related expenses requires a clear understanding of eligibility criteria and the necessity of accurate documentation. By leveraging the T2200 form and adhering to the guidelines for deductible expenses, employees can optimize their tax filings and potentially realize significant tax savings. As tax laws and conditions evolve, staying informed and prepared is key to a successful tax strategy.

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