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Having the foundation of your financial statements professionally administered can go a long way toward your attaining peace of mind. Meaningful and well-organized financial records help ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis.

In order to anticipate the best filing structure for your documents, along with data entry for your books,we offer bookkeeping- and data retention services – while utilizing our audit background – to meet both regulatory and your internal purposes.

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As professional accountants, we’re well aware of the documentation that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires in the event of an audit. We’ll keep you aware of what documents should be retained, including legal agreements, shareholder and director minutes, as well as invoices and receipts to back up your position. Our bookkeepers work directly with professional accountants to offer a high standard of service and provide you with the ability to sleep at night.

Whether you categorize your documents or simply gather them in a bag, allowing us to put them in order, you can entrust us to summarize your information into a professional standard of bookkeeping.

In addition to bookkeeping we offer payroll services, GST filing and accounting services.


A proactive approach with a game plan to get your books to match your aspirations, done right to save you on taxes and advice you can count on.