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We have been working with Shafiq at Shajani LLP since we originally decided to start our own business 7 years ago.

The level of genuine support, encouragement, and camaraderie we felt with Shafiq immediately changed the course of our business. His professionalism, knowledge and experience afforded us more confidence in what we were doing than we could have ever had on our own.

Every step we have felt taken care of and all of the complexities involved with a fast growing business Shafiq made sure we were aware of, in language we could understand. He patiently explained our options and guided us with sound advice. He has helped connect us with multiple other professionals in other areas who have all been great referrals as well.

I am certain that the relationship we have with our accountant, and this firm, is unique in the industry and we are also certain our business success has a lot to do with that. I know we will have a lifelong relationship with Shajani LLP.