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Given the qualification and experience levels of the Shajani team, one would expect a reasonably high level of performance – they are good!

CVS Controls Ltd. has dealt with Nizam and Teresa for several years. In addition to their technical competence, they have impressed with their attention to detail and commitment to client needs. While the professional services they provide CVS in preparation of financial statements and corporate tax returns (for several companies in our corporate group) are commendable, the “above and beyond” attention is even more valuable.

  • With knowledge of CVS’s operational processes and financial structures, they provide a useful challenge function leading to operational improvements.
    • In addition to Nizam’s many professional technical skills he has personal import/export business experience.
  • The Shajani team provides regular review of regulatory changes, provides guidance in adapting to regulatory and reporting changes as required and is available to provide input to planning strategies.
    • In past, Teresa/Trevor have provided guidance on structuring international sales representative agreements.
  • The Shajani team is providing input and guidance to our financial and succession planning processes at both operational and shareholder levels.
  • Equally important, even though Nizam and Teresa are very busy, they are accessible to help solve day to day technically problems as they arise.

CVS provides high quality products for the process control industry to both Canadian and international markets. The company started in 1978 and now has in excess of 100 employees in Alberta. As well, CVS has sales representatives worldwide.

CVS expects continued growth with help from the Shajani team.

Thanks Nizam and Teresa.