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Subsidies for Alberta Employers Through Alberta Jobs Now Program

The Alberta Jobs Now program is the largest jobs and training program in Alberta’s history that could provide your organization with a subsidy of 25% to 37.5% of your new employee’s salary. Private sector businesses and non-profit organizations can apply now for funding to reduce the cost of hiring and training unemployed or underemployed Albertans.

Who is eligible?
Businesses in all industries and non-profit organizations can apply. Private businesses include sole-proprietorships, partnerships and corporations registered or incorporated for at least one year. The organization must be located and operational in Alberta.

Once the application has been assessed, employers will be notified of their approval for eligibility via email. The Government of Alberta will sign the application on approval. It is recommended to wait until approval has been received before hiring new employees.

Employees hired must be unemployed or working an average of less than 30 hours per week. The new hire must be hired after the program launch date and before 120 days from the date the employer’s application is approved. The new hire should not have worked for the employer for 90 days prior to the start of employment. The employee must be a resident of Alberta and working in Alberta during the grant period. The position must be filled for a minimum of 52 weeks and the program allows for two qualified replacements for the same position during this period.

Temporary foreign workers are not eligible for this program. Company owners, directors or board members of the employer and their immediate family members do not qualify as new hires for this grant. Self-employed individuals and their immediate family members also do not qualify for the grant. The purpose of this grant is to find employment for those who are currently unemployed or underemployed.

To check your eligibility see the Alberta Jobs Now Pre-screening questions.

How much?
The grant is for 25% of a new hire’s salary, up to $25,000. If the employee has a disability, the grant is increased to 37.5% of the employee’s salary, up to $37,500. An employer could hire up to 20 full time new employees per intake period. There are three intake periods. You can receive half the eligible grant when the new hire has been employed for three months and the remainder after fifty-two weeks of employment. Note if the employee is receiving funding from Alberta Jobs Now, the employer cannot also receive other government funding for that same employee, such as the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy or Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

How to apply?
Apply before August 31, 2021 for the first intake at Alberta Jobs Now Program. The second intake will close on December 15, 2021 and the third intake will be announced at a later date.
1. Complete the application form, sign the grant agreement, and wait for approval.
2. Add new hires to the submitted grant application within 30 days of being hired and wait for email confirming employee’s eligibility.
3. Add payroll information (includes pay stubs) for each new hire after 3 months of employment to receive first payment.
4. Complete grant application with supporting documentation (pay stubs) after 52 weeks of employment to receive the balance of payment.
For more information see the Alberta Jobs Now Program Application Guidelines.

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