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Securing Your Future with Retirement and Estate Planning at Shajani CPA


Retirement and estate planning are vital components of financial security, ensuring that you enjoy your golden years comfortably and leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones. At Shajani CPA, a top 10 tax advisory firm in Canada, we specialize in creating comprehensive retirement and estate plans that minimize tax liabilities and maximize financial security. In addition to being experienced CPAs, our team boasts credentials like Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP), Masters in Tax Law (LLM) , and Bachelors in Law (LLB), is uniquely qualified to guide you through the intricacies of these plans.

  1. Holistic Retirement Planning

Key Aspect: Effective retirement planning involves detailed projections of your financial needs based on your lifestyle.

Shajani CPA Advantage: We provide personalized retirement plans that detail how much you need for a comfortable retirement, considering your unique lifestyle choices.

  1. Estate Planning for Tax Minimization

Key Aspect: Estate planning should focus on minimizing estate tax to maximize the legacy passed on to your beneficiaries.

Shajani CPA Advantage: Our expert team, equipped with advanced tax and legal knowledge, develops estate plans that significantly reduce tax burdens.

  1. Income Streams in Retirement

Key Aspect: Knowing where your money will come from each year in retirement is crucial for financial stability.

Shajani CPA Advantage: We strategize your retirement income, ensuring a steady and reliable flow of funds from various sources to support your retirement years.

  1. Estate Tax Liability Calculations

Key Aspect: Understanding potential estate tax liabilities is crucial for effective estate planning.

Shajani CPA Advantage: Our plans include a detailed analysis of estate tax liabilities, providing clarity and peace of mind for the future.

  1. Tailored Retirement Solutions

Key Aspect: Retirement plans should be as unique as the individuals they are designed for.

Shajani CPA Advantage: We offer bespoke retirement planning services, tailored to your specific financial situation and goals.

  1. Advanced Estate Planning Techniques

Key Aspect: Utilizing advanced estate planning techniques can significantly benefit your beneficiaries.

Shajani CPA Advantage: Our legal and tax expertise allows us to implement sophisticated strategies that enhance the value of your estate.

  1. Succession Planning

Key Aspect: A well-structured succession plan ensures the continuity of your legacy.

Shajani CPA Advantage: We provide comprehensive succession planning services, ensuring a seamless and tax efficient transfer of your assets in line with your wishes.

  1. Award-Winning Expertise

Key Aspect: Choosing the right firm for retirement and estate planning is critical.

Shajani CPA Advantage: As a top 10 advisory firm in Canada, our award-winning expertise guarantees that your retirement and estate plans are in capable hands.

  1. Continuous Support and Review

Key Aspect: Retirement and estate plans require ongoing review and adaptation.

Shajani CPA Advantage: We offer continual support and periodic reviews of your plans, ensuring they remain aligned with your evolving needs and circumstances.

  1. Comprehensive Financial Planning

Key Aspect: Integrating retirement and estate planning with your overall financial plan is essential for a holistic approach.

Shajani CPA Advantage: Our team ensures that your retirement and estate plans are integrated seamlessly into your broader financial strategy.


Planning for retirement and your estate is a significant step towards securing your future and legacy. With Shajani CPA, you get more than just a plan; you receive a partnership with a top-tier advisory firm committed to your long-term success. Our tailored, tax-efficient strategies are designed to provide clarity on your retirement needs and estate tax implications, ensuring you and your loved ones are well taken care of. Contact Shajani CPA today to start planning for a future filled with peace and prosperity.

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