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Navigating Tax Law with Shajani CPA: Expertise Beyond Numbers


Tax law, an intricate and ever-evolving field, plays a crucial role in the financial landscape of individuals and businesses, especially in specialized sectors like law. At Shajani CPA, we don’t just crunch numbers; we provide a comprehensive suite of tax and accounting services tailored for our clients, lawyers, and law firms. Our 40 years of experience as CPAs, coupled with designations including a Masters in Tax Law, Bachelors in Law, and Trust and Estate Practitioner, and being named among the Top 10 Tax Advisory Firms in Canada by Financial Services Review, positions us uniquely to navigate the complexities of tax law for our clients and their lawyers.

  1. Tax Services for Lawyers and Law Firms

Key Aspect: Law firms have unique tax and accounting needs.

Shajani CPA Advantage: We specialize in providing tailored services, understanding the nuances of the legal industry’s financial requirements.

  1. Reorganizations and Tax Filings for Trusts

Key Aspect: Navigating tax implications during reorganizations and trust filings is complex.

Shajani CPA Advantage: Our deep understanding of tax law aids in efficient reorganization and accurate trust tax filings.

  1. Tax Implications of Divorce and Separation

Key Aspect: Financial separations involve intricate tax considerations.

Shajani CPA Advantage: We offer expert advice on tax matters related to divorce and separation, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

  1. Dealing with the CRA

Key Aspect: Interaction with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can be challenging.

Shajani CPA Advantage: Our experience and knowledge equip us to handle all CRA dealings effectively, alleviating stress for our clients.

  1. Tax Impacts on Wills and Estate Planning

Key Aspect: Estate planning requires careful tax consideration.

Shajani CPA Advantage: We provide insightful advice on the tax impacts of wills and estate planning, safeguarding your assets and legacy.

  1. Passing of Accounts

Key Aspect: The passing of accounts involves complex tax and accounting procedures.

Shajani CPA Advantage: Our team ensures accurate and compliant handling of these procedures, offering peace of mind and financial clarity.

  1. Voluntary Disclosures

Key Aspect: Voluntary disclosures can mitigate penalties and compliance issues.

Shajani CPA Advantage: We guide clients through the voluntary disclosure process, ensuring a transparent and compliant resolution.

  1. Preparing Filings for the Tax Court of Canada

Key Aspect: Representing cases in the Tax Court demands precision and expertise.

Shajani CPA Advantage: We prepare meticulous filings for the Tax Court of Canada, backed by our extensive tax law knowledge.

  1. Reviewing Evidence Consultations

Key Aspect: Analyzing financial evidence is critical in legal cases.

Shajani CPA Advantage: Our expertise allows us to provide thorough review and consultation on financial evidence.

  1. Comprehensive Tax and Accounting Solutions

Key Aspect: Providing a holistic approach to tax and accounting needs is essential for legal professionals.

Shajani CPA Advantage: Our broad range of services ensures that all your tax and accounting needs are met under one roof.


At Shajani CPA, we understand the unique challenges that tax law presents, especially in the legal sector. Our specialized services are designed to cater to the specific needs of lawyers and law firms. With our accolades and decades of experience, we are more than just accountants; we are your strategic partners in navigating the complex world of tax law. Let us handle your tax and accounting needs so you can focus on your legal practice. Contact Shajani CPA today and experience unparalleled expertise in tax and accounting.


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