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Stock Options

Offering employees stock options can be a way to incentives them via a remuneration that is aligned with the objectives of shareholders that includes increasing share value and profitability of the organization. Stock options give employees the right to purchase shares in the corporation at a set price before an expiry date which allows them…

Splitting Income with Minor Children with Capital Gains Planning

Although income splitting with your children has become difficult, there is still some opportunities currently available that include marketable securities, a Trust and a tax professional. Historically, income spitting was addressed through attribution rules.  These rules were circumvented through taxpayers winning court cases that established dividends were not attributable between shareholders (see Mcclurg v Canada,…

Important Dates

Please note the following important dates are estimates only. Please confirm your deadlines directly with your professional advisor. June 15, 2021 – May payroll remittances due June 15, 2021 – Personal income tax returns including a Sole Proprietorship due June 30, 2021 – Fiscal year end March 31st tax payments due June 30, 2021 –…