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International Tax Services: Finding A Reliable Tax Professional

Finding a reliable tax professional is very important whenever you need international tax services. You need to be very careful when choosing because even if your returns are prepared by another person, you will still be financially and legally responsible for every single bit of it. Although there are a lot of good tax professionals out there, there are still some unscrupulous ones.

In this article, you'll find some tips to help you find a competent and reliable tax professional, how to avoid bad preparers, and how to work with the right tax professional in order to have quality international tax services. This will help ensure that your fillings go smoothly.

Types of Tax Professionals

Just before starting the search process, it is best you know that there are different sorts of tax professionals out there that can handle your tax issues. Typically, anyone can say he or she is a tax pro and file your returns on your behalf.

There are two different tax professionals, and they are “certified public accountants (CPA)” and “enrolled agents (EA).” The both of them can handle your taxes and also represent you at the internal revenue service if you get audited.

A certified public accountant is an accountant that has passed state qualification examination and met certain experience and education requirements to earn that title. Not all certified public accountants are very good with income taxes. So before you hire one, try to find out their level of experience in handling individual taxes.

Enrolled agents are tax professionals that are licensed by the internal revenue service via a special enrollment examination; it can as well earn by working with the internal revenue service for a minimum of five years. Enrolled agents might specialize in certain tax areas, so make sure you ask the area of specialty before you hire one for your international tax services.

One of the major advantages of using EAs is that they are very familiar and conversant with taxes. They are mandated to partake in continuing education tax courses every two or three years. They might as well charge less than certified public accountants.

How to Find a Reliable Tax Professional

One of the best ways to look for a good tax professional to handle your return is to get referrals from a friend, family, or someone very close to you that you can trust. But if you don’t know anyone that is currently or has recently utilized international tax services, you need to look for other sources.

You should try to get referrals from people outside your close circle. You can ask your colleagues at your place of work, acquaintances from any organization or local club that you belong to, you can as well ask your neighbors. You can also ask some of your friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and ask for a trusted name with which you can make more enquire about.

You can as well use the local directory listing of Yelp to find a reliable tax professional. The user reviews of the tax professional will help you know if he or she can be trusted or not.