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Important Dates

Please note the following important dates are estimates only.  Please confirm your deadlines directly with your professional advisor. September 15, 2021- August payroll remittances due September 30, 2021- Fiscal year end June 30th, 2021 tax payments due September 30, 2021          – Fiscal Year end March 31st, tax filings due September is a great time to…

What the Best Accounting Firms Do Differently

Using a professional accounting firm to prepare your financial statements and tax returns is always a good idea, however when considering what firm to use, there are some areas to consider that set some firms apart from others. Knowledgeable Regular professional development as an individual and throughout the organization is built into the culture of…

The Advantages of Surplus Stripping and Disintegration – Section 84(2)

Surplus stripping is back in the news with recent changes to legislation.  This makes it imperative to understand past court decisions on this matter.  Surplus stripping allows a taxpayer to receive funds that that have been earned by a corporation and subjected only to the corporate tax rates, without paying the personal dividend tax rate. …