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Bill C-208 – Surplus Stripping is Now Law, However Proceed with Caution

Prior to June 29, 2021, when a small business owner sells the shares of their company to a corporation owned by their children or grandchildren, the small business owner would be taxed at the higher dividend rate.  However, if that same transaction occurred with a corporation to which the small business owner was not related,…

Subsidies for Alberta Employers Through Alberta Jobs Now Program

The Alberta Jobs Now program is the largest jobs and training program in Alberta’s history that could provide your organization with a subsidy of 25% to 37.5% of your new employee’s salary. Private sector businesses and non-profit organizations can apply now for funding to reduce the cost of hiring and training unemployed or underemployed Albertans.…

Investing in Real Estate in your Corporation

A strategy for investing may include using pre-tax dollars to purchase an investment. Investing in real estate in your corporation is cost effective and allows you to purchase a larger property when considering the after-tax investable dollars. Generally, $100,000 earned in your corporation will net you between $52,000 to 58,000 in your personal pocket after…